Volunteer Management

Your volunteers are your secret weapon. Make it easy for them to be a part of your mission success by letting them do more, more often.

Volunteer Portal

Volunteers can log into Seeladora to manage their own profile information like T-shirt size and emergency contacts. Volunteers can accept shift assignments and get messages from event leaders without all the tedious calling and emailing. Volunteers are automatically reminded of their commitments so everyone knows when and where to show up and make a difference.

Schedule by date, time or skill

You can easily create ad-hoc or ongoing scheduled shifts that volunteers can search and accept right from their computer. Let volunteers check in for their shifts so you know when and where every volunteer is working.

Create your own skill library and associate skills to volunteer profiles. Then create shifts for those skills and make sure you get the right volunteer doing the right thing.

Communicate & Engage

Search your volunteer database by skill or availability and then immediately communicate needs and upcoming events right from Seeladora. Communications go right into their notes so everyone knows whose been contacted. No more double touch!

Pair the volunteer module with the event module and let your event coordinators communicate changes and instructions by shift or event activity without giving up access to the entire volunteer profile.


  • Create ongoing or ad hoc shifts, see shift coverage and assign facilities and rooms for activities
  • Track skills and availability
  • Send out mass communication by location, skill, availability or activity
  • Detailed notes and document library
  • Track certifications or renewals such as annual background checks
  • Create an onboarding checklist to increase engagement and commitment
  • Volunteers can accept shifts, update their own information and check in and out on shift days – right from their computer
  • Pair with the events module to help ensure event coverage and skill requirements