Learning Management

Whether you are helping people learn to read, get their GED or trade skills, Seeladora’s Learning module helps you track every aspect of personal improvement.

Curriculum, Courses & Classes

Seeladora helps you maintain and manage a full curriculum or a single course. Quickly create class templates with meeting dates and times, a full gradebook with homework and task assignments as well as track absences and low completion easily. Students can get an ID card from Seeladora and check in using a barcode scanner – no more losing the attendance sign-in sheet and arguing about credit!

Curricula can be used to help students know what they need to achieve now and in the future to get the certification or diploma they’re working toward. Paired with the case management module, a student’s learning credits are automatically tracked as assistance for more accurate reporting without double entry.

Teachers are Everywhere

Seeladora makes it easy for your volunteer teachers to stay on top of the class roster, enter grades or completion statuses and communicate with students. Paired with the Volunteers module, your teachers’ time is counted as volunteer hours automatically so they can see their impact and come back again and again to teach.

Teachers are reminded of their upcoming class times by email. Use our facility features to reserve rooms and equipment without double booking space and to give teachers exact instructions for where to be and what to bring.


  • Curriculum, course and class management down to a single class session
  • Full gradebook functionality
  • Absence and attendance tracking
  • Assign volunteers or staff to classes as teachers or teacher aides
  • Track instruction hours and issue certificates
  • Pair with case management module to have instruction hours and grades automatically tracked as assistance and success levels
  • Teachers and students get automated reminders of upcoming class sessions with location address and room assignments
  • Use facility management features to ensure no double booking and enough space for class roster size

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