Food Pantry Management

Seeladora makes it easy to create a community food pantry, accept food donations and control inventory access.

Food, hygiene and medicine

Track any type of inventory with sensible controls for family size, household genders, per visit limitations, age minimums and maximums and other sophisticated features to make sure your inventory lasts and gets in the right hands.

You can even set per item limits so that shoppers and clients can’t take too much of one thing without letting you know – so you can make exceptions to the rules for the right reasons. Seeladora even lets you set unlimited items to get rid of fruit and other short-term perishables faster.

Sophisticated checkout

Scan each item by barcode – just like a grocery or thrift store – so that volunteer cashiers don’t have to categorize items and track weight. Checkout screens alert the cashier when shoppers have reached their household weight limits or an item doesn’t match the age or gender requirements. With our library of over 70,000 grocery and hygiene items, you can quickly get started tracking detailed inventory usage and needs.

Sophisticated Inventory Controls

Inventory is automatically updated with every donation using the same barcode scanning features of our checkout screen. Associate donations directly to donors or add new donors for first-time donations. At checkout, every scanned item is automatically deducted from inventory levels and store managers and cashiers are alerted that an item is dangerously low. Easily categorize foods as low salt, no sugar, low fat, etc. to track household dietary needs. Quickly build lists for posting around the store or for emailing to donors to let everyone know what your pantry needs to keep your community food secure.


  • Sophisticated inventory controls such as donation tracking, food categories and stock limits with threshold warnings
  • Easy to use checkout screen means most cashiers will only need to scan an item’s barcode to quickly check out shoppers and clients to increase your pantry’s throughput
  • Checkout features include household and total checkout weight limits, per item limitations, age and gender minimums per item, and visitation caps
  • Issue barcoded visit vouchers to shoppers and clients to reduce the need for repeat qualification sessions with case workers
  • Pair with the case management module to have each checkout automatically tracked as assistance for a client’s case
  • Pair with volunteer module to automatically log time in the pantry as volunteer hours for more accurate reporting