Event Management

Fundraisers, back-to-school giveaways, volunteer appreciation dinners – whatever you need to celebrate, Seeladora makes it easy to manage and staff your events.

Easy Scheduling

For each event, you can assign an event coordinator to create and track shifts and shift needs like facilities, volunteers/staff and skill requirements. Event workers get automated reminders with all the necessary details to show up on time and be ready to work. Set per hour limits on attendance to help speed attendees through giveaway and learning events. Issue attendee vouchers by email with a barcode that you quickly scan for check in and check out, and at giveaway stations to make sure every attendee gets what they’re promised.

Easy Coordination

Before and during your event, quickly communicate by email or SMS with all or some of your event workers to keep them up to date on location or equipment changes. You can even communicate with attendees for late start or weather issues. Every worker at every station or location can get clear, easy to read instructions on what they’re expected to and how to do it. Workers can reply back to event coordinators with issues and needs like more materials or attendee issue resolution – no more running around trying to find one person and slowing down the giveaway process or tarnishing the attendee experience.


  • Create event shifts to make sure set up and tear down get done, that every hour has the right staff and skill set and that attendees’ issues are quickly resolved
  • Facility reservations and location information that event staff and attendees can quickly reference
  • Attendee vouchers/tickets with unique barcodes for quick check in and check out at events
  • Pair with the case management module for attendance qualification for events such as back-to-school or volunteer recognition where certain requirements must be met. Case workers and volunteer coordinators can issue tickets and make reservations right from their profile screens
  • Pair with the case management module to automatically have any giveaway items tracked as assistance in the case screen