Donor Management

Track and categorize your donors and their donations. Set reminders and follow up. Track every touch and every change to their involvement.

Donor Insights

From anywhere in Seeladora, start a timer on every activity related to your donors – without interrupting anything you’re doing. Get real insights into which donors need more follow up and engagement so you can get them excited about your mission and increase their donations.

See which donors respond best to emails, phone calls or personal cards. Identify which events they are most excited by – and most prepared to underwrite. Report on who used to give but no longer does, whose donations have dropped off and who might be ready to be contacted.

Take Notes & See Connections

Keep detailed notes on your donors likes and dislikes, mission focus points as well as birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates to reach out for.

Track and identify hidden connections and relationships like which are work colleagues, spouses or mentors so you can leverage those relationships to more easily and quickly grow your donor base.

Donors donate time, too

Pair up the donor module with the volunteer module and track all donations in one place so you can be sure to reward and recognize the total community effort that drives your mission successes.

Pair up the donor module with the event module and be able to quickly convert donors into volunteers to work the events closest to their hearts. Keep them engaged and rewarded.


  • CRM like features such as last touch, email, phones and address, donor levels and ticklers/followups
  • Donation tracking in time, services or money
  • Detailed notes and notifications to board members or other staff
  • Report on donation types, amounts and frequency of donation
  • Document library
  • Relationship connections
  • Church affiliations