Case Management

Seeladora is more than just a collection of forms to report on. Let Seeladora help you organize notes, documents, tasks and appointments so you can focus on your client’s needs and create success.

Client Portal

Let your clients apply for aid online from their own computer – any time of the day or night. Configure your application form and have the application automatically routed to the right case teams. Clients can upload their own documents, securely add their own notes, track their goals and see the assistance you give them.

Clients get email notifications of upcoming appointments and goal due dates. You get notifications when other case team members make changes to the case file. Set the case file permissions and nobody gets to see or download anything they’re not supposed to.

Risk Factors, Requests & Aid

Identify risk factors to help stay focused on the most important consequences and tailor your case management to your clients’ unique situations. Track what your client asks for and what you are able to give them so you can determine areas that your non-profit can grow to serve as well as update or modify program parameters to serve more or fewer clients.

Easily track multiple payment assistance like multi-month rent or utility assistance. Track food and hygiene items as well as back-to-school items. Anything you give, Seeladora can track and report it.

Plan, Report, Succeed

Set up goal plans. Create behavioral and mastery assessments. Set task due dates and appointment checkpoints.

Report on program levels, case worker time commitment, note types and quantity, and household demographics.

Everything you need to make sure you know what your client is achieving and where they’re headed so you can get them where they need to be faster.


  • Configurable checklists and checklist sections
  • Case teams with per role permissions
  • Client viewable notes that can be emailed right from the case screen
  • Tasks & Appointments tracking
  • Document library
  • Track aid requests, risk factors, and assistance given, such as financial, food or service assistance
  • Create and assign program levels
  • Track distributed assistance like multi-month rental and utility payments
  • Pair with the learning and food pantry modules to have assistance automatically attached to case files for more complete and accurate reporting
  • See every change made to a case, even a timestamp of who saw the case file and what they marked as complete or updated
  • Track the time a case worker spends working a case, even with funding source allocations for their time