Seeladora Non-Profit Management

Manage Outcomes, Not Cases.

Seeladora is built to help you easily manage all the tedious documentation for your cases, track outcomes and replicate success.

Seeladora is always available for you and your clients to be able to quickly and easily collaborate to save time, increase engagement and speed toward a brighter future.


Everything is configurable in Seeladora – dropdowns, required fields, case team membership, programs & checklists, etc. You name it, you can configure it. You can even create your own forms and surveys!


Not only is all your data securely housed in military grade data centers, but all data is transported with bank-level encryption. The most sensitive information is encrypted before it ever leaves your browser so it’s twice encrypted to keep out hackers. Configure your own roles and permissions so your staff and volunteers only see what they need to do their jobs.


Buy only what you need when you need it. Start with just one module and add more as your non-profit grows. Seeladora won’t break the bank and may even help you get more grants and donations.